Payment choices for peace of mind.

Through our scale and depth of knowledge, we have designed fast and frictionless payment solutions. They help grow the businesses of retailers, corporations, and financial institutions by allowing them to increase their payment options without confronting high risks or costs.

Simple. Secure. Seamless.

Protection Risk

Our payment authorization platform leverages risk management tools driven by data & AI technology for safeguarding payments. In each transaction, it works to conceal consumers’ identities, identify histories of account abuse and fraud, and deliver accurate recommendations for accepting or declining the payment.

With our warranty coverage, we ensure swift reimbursement for returned payments, controlling loss to an even greater degree.

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100% reimbursement
0 loss

Revenue Cost

We keep payment acceptance costs far below those of card processing through reduced bank fees and little to no clerical or transportation expenses associated with payment reconciliation. By expanding your payment mix with economical options, you can reach broader demographics of consumers.

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<1% checks
2.5-3.5% interchange

Efficiency Delays

With automated reporting, we clear checks and ACH payments instantly, so you can close sales on the spot. Payment processing is streamlined to reduce or eliminate the time spent handling administration and collections, providing quicker access to funds and improved cash flow.

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24-48hr settlement window

United against risk.

Our Network

Thousands of businesses across North America trust Certegy to control loss and increase revenue.

4,000+ retailers, corporations & financial institutions
100,000+ retail locations protected by Certegy

Serving communities near and far.

Certegy engages in a multitude of initiatives designed to enact positive change in both local and global communities.

Our Impact
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