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The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a centralized network for directing electronic payments from one bank account to another.

Used by billions every day, the ACH network is considered one of the largest and most reliable payment systems in the world.

By integrating ACH solutions into your payment mix, you can not only drive sales among convenience-seeking customers, but also lower costs by avoiding interchange fees altogether.

<50% of interchange fees
24.7B ACH transactions
7.7% growth rate


Our leading ACH solution, enabling your customers to make a direct payment from their bank account.

Built on a fully digital payment system, BankPay has inherent flexibility, simplicity and confidentiality. It caters to the increasingly mobile and online lifestyles of today. There is no limit to how, when, and where it can be used.

Streamline Checkout

Ways to direct pay.

We offer a comprehensive set-up service and a Software Development Kit for integrating BankPay into your current website or mobile app. Our technology is compatible with a variety of user devices and can accept payments from any bank within the ACH network.

At the POS terminal.
On your business’s website.
On iOS/Android mobile devices.
Toward a single balance.
On bills or repeat payments.

Get in touch with touch-free technology.

As a cloud-based solution, BankPay is completely contactless. Businesses can reach consumers and clients safely – from anywhere in the world.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Split a customer’s payment into multiple checks, processed over a set period of time.

Support Flexibility
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Better with Certegy


Avoid costly interchange fees associated with credit and debit cards.


Keep customers’ banking information on file for faster checkout.


Protect sensitive information by assigning digital tokens to bank accounts.


Appeal to new customers with a broader variety of payment options.

How it Works

BankPay is added as a payment option on your app or website.
When your customer selects BankPay, they enter their bank details manually or via ACH Link, our open banking option.
Once payment is submitted, the customer’s financial information is reviewed and verified via our risk assessment platform.
Certegy sends an instant accept or decline recommendation.
If approved, the funds are deposited the next banking day.
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Leave risk at the register.

60M+ Bank Accounts

Every transaction is screened against Certegy’s extensive consumer database and evaluated utilizing best-in-class verification tools.

Our Platform

100% Reimbursement

When you choose our Warranty Program, we absorb losses from any unauthorized transactions that get approved.

Our Warranty

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