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Enable an unmatched gaming user experience

Manage risk, save costs, and deliver payouts quickly

Whether your business is focused on igaming, sports betting or fantasy sports, Certegy provides a seamless low-cost, low risk payment solution delivering faster payouts & increasing user loyalty. Our solution is designed to reduce friction and lower abandonment at each step of the payment process allowing operators to create a valuable competitive advantage.

With our BankPay solution, users can easily load an online wallet or account by simply logging in with their online banking credentials or manually entering their account and routing numbers. Our solution supports 100% of U.S. banks, ensuring all users can enroll regardless of their bank.

Benefits of using Certegy iGaming Solutions

Improved User Experience

With seamless deposits, fast disbursements and higher limits, users keep coming back for more

Lower Cost

ACH payments lower transaction costs up to 75% compared to credit card transaction fees

Seamless Integration

Our integration tools are quick and flexible, allowing operators to deploy our BankPay solution in days

Low Risk

Our robust data from over 60 years paired with AI technology reduces fraud

Warranty Protection

Let Certegy take on the risk with our Warranty program

How it Works

The player loads funds to an online wallet using Certegy’s BankPay option.
The request is reviewed and verified in real-time through Certegy’s comprehensive risk assessment platform. 
When approved, funds are instantly transferred to the customer’s online wallet. With our warranty product, your liability stops here. Certegy guarantees all approved transfers and handles any subsequent collections or issues.
Players can immediately begin using their online wallets.
When the player wishes to cash out their winnings, a disbursement request is sent to Certegy.
Certegy verifies the request and credits the customer directly from your account. Transfers are completed next-day via the ACH network.
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Why Partner with Certegy

Certegy offers extensive flexibility, expertise and support in deploying our igaming solutions. Our bespoke solution is unique in the industry as it’s crafted specifically for our gaming customers. We allow our customers to pick and choose what works for their business while optimizing their user’s experience. It’s a win/win!

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