Certegy for Restaurants & Food Service

As consumers increasingly shift to online ordering and mobile apps to order and pay for food, both full-service and quick-serve restaurants are seeking ways to accommodate them. For many establishments however, this shift is accompanied by higher risk and increased cost.

Flexible, convenient payment solutions.
Built on the BankPay platform, Certegy offers safe, low-cost ACH solutions that seamlessly integrate with your online presence, mobile app, and in-store POS system. Customers can pay for their orders contact-free, often in less time than it takes to process a card transaction. We’re able to handle any transaction size from high-end dining to value menu purchases.

Our fees are significantly lower than interchange, providing valuable savings that can be deployed towards loyalty programs and customer retention. Through our risk management platform refined over millions of transactions, we render decisions in real-time and guarantee all authorized transactions.

Products & Features

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60M+ Bank Accounts

Every transaction is screened against Certegy’s extensive consumer database and evaluated utilizing best-in-class verification tools.

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100% Reimbursement

When you choose our Warranty Program, we absorb losses from any unauthorized transactions that get approved.

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