Retail Check Verification

Payment on Account

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Certegy’s Payment on Account feature is designed to validate checks used to pay down a balance on your branded credit card.

Leveraging our check authorization platform, we address the POA challenge of avoiding chargebacks on a charge account. We have implemented sophisticated risk management enhancements to help retailers conquer both intentional and unintentional fraudulent activity.

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24-48 hr settlement window

How it Works

Your customer accrues a balance in-store through your brand’s private label credit card.
The customer presents a check to pay against the balance.
Real-time transactions are routed to Certegy, where they are screened against data sources and controls specially designed for POA processing.
Certegy sends an instant accept or decline recommendation to open the balance.
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Other Product Features

ECC Point-of-Sale

Convert a customer’s check into an electronic ACH payment from their bank account.

Streamline Checkout

Returned Check Processing

Bad checks are automatically processed via Certegy’s banking network.

Simplify Claims

Pay Plan

Split a customer’s payment into multiple checks, processed over a set period of time.

Support Flexibility

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