Returned Check Processing

Make returned payments our problem.

Knowing every payment system comes with risk, we have implemented a Warranty Program to prevent losses resulting from returned checks.

With Certegy’s Returned Check Processing feature, the need for manual claim submission is completely eliminated. All returned payments are automatically routed through our network of bank accounts. That means no more making claims or filling out paperwork.

Our technology is easy to use and implement – no hardware necessary.

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How it Works

Your customer presents a check at a point-of-sale terminal and it is endorsed with Certegy’s information.
Our authorization platform sends an instant accept or decline recommendation.
If accepted, the check is deposited in your account within 1-2 days.
If dishonored by the customer’s bank, the check is sent to Certegy’s central bank account rather than yours.
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Other Product Features

ECC Point-of-Sale

Convert a customer’s check into an electronic ACH payment from their bank account.

Streamline Checkout

Pay Plan

Split a customer’s payment into multiple checks, processed over a set period of time.

Support Flexibility

Payment on Account

Allow customers to pay off or pay down their store credit balance with a check.

Accelerate Purchases

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