Government & Utilities

Certegy for Integrated Electric & Gas

Certegy enables utility companies to streamline and safeguard the way customers pay their electric, water, gas, and waste bills. We offer a variety of solutions specifically designed to reduce the likelihood of non-payments and late payments, while reducing overall transaction fees.

Built on the ACH network, Certegy’s BankPay platform allows customers to log on and pay their bill using their bank account. Transactions are screened against a database of millions of transactions, with decisions rendered in real-time to ensure a smooth customer experience and maximum protection. Both one-time and recurring payments are supported, so you’re covered no matter how your customers choose to pay.

Products & Features

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60M+ Bank Accounts

Every transaction is screened against Certegy’s extensive consumer database and evaluated utilizing best-in-class verification tools.

Our Platform

100% Reimbursement

When you choose our Warranty Program, we absorb losses from any unauthorized transactions that get approved.

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