Decisions driven by data & AI technology.

Certegy’s data & AI-powered authorization platform is uniquely qualified to secure systems across today’s payment landscape.

Leveraging our proprietary AI and risk management model, we are able to review and confirm financial consumer data without compromising consumer identities. Insights on behavioral patterns feed into a predictive risk engine, providing a dynamic and powerful basis for verifying transactions.

We deliver accurate results in real-time 24 hours a day, allowing companies to make quicker, more informed decisions on payment acceptance.

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The industry’s most comprehensive database.

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Our self-learning risk analytics programs are built on an ever-growing database of consumer transaction history paired with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. We compile and maintain information from thousands of banks on financial accounts and check writing behaviors – including a database of millions of returned and fraudulent payments.

We take measures to ensure that consumers are protected from unauthorized use of their account data.

Our primary targets for data collection:

  • Driver’s license algorithms & files
  • Routing and account number validation
  • Check (MICR) performance history
  • Third party consumer information (account status or closed)
  • Fraud affidavits
  • Targeted fraud cases
  • Returned checks & payments
  • Positive databases
  • Payroll Positive Pay files
  • Tax Positive Pay files
  • US Treasury
60M+ DDA accounts with transaction history
12M+ tax and payroll DDA accounts
100M+ unique consumers

Instant payment validation.

For each transaction, we perform a risk analysis of both the payment details and consumer’s financial history, matching the information up against our cumulative database. Our predictive risk engine screens and identifies instances of account abuse and fraud, such as check forgeries, counterfeits and alterations.

This comprehensive assessment is completed in a sub-second, delivering immediate recommendations to accept or decline a payment – and ultimately, minimizing loss.

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Our suite of payment transaction products.

ACH Services


Retail Check Verification


Check Cashing & Deposit