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Certegy specializes in frictionless payment experiences, optimized to address the industry-specific needs of the convenience industry.

Our products are designed to deliver the best-in-class risk mitigation service that Certegy is known for, all while prioritizing the consumer experience.

A payment experience as convenient as your products.

Speed, ease of use, and reliability are paramount when it comes to the c-store payment experience. As consumers increasingly opt for contactless and in-app payments, the convenience payments ecosystem is evolving to allow for pick up in-store and online ordering.

Leveraging our ACH solution, BankPay, Certegy allows consumers to easily transact utilizing their bank account. We provide optionality for in-app and online payments that can be integrated with multiple POS systems to facilitate in-store transactions.

Optimized digital experiences as a revenue driver.

Consumers today are becoming increasingly comfortable with mobile payment options. In fact, certain sub-sectors of the population overwhelmingly prefer to pay by app, creating a unique differentiation opportunity for convenience stores. Offering seamless in-app payment functionality and significant savings on processing fees, Certegy’s BankPay solution can be deployed into loyalty programs to drive consumer retention.

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60M+ Bank Accounts

Every transaction is screened against Certegy’s extensive consumer database and evaluated utilizing best-in-class verification tools.

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When you choose our Warranty Program, we absorb losses from any unauthorized transactions that get approved.

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