We’re powering a safer future for electronic commerce.

Payment was once a simple exchange of cash for goods and services. Converting cash to paper checks, plastic cards and digital transfers has increased risk – exposing companies to fraud and consumers to unlawful use of their information.

For over 60 years, we have managed risk by staying at the forefront of payment innovation. Through our suite of sophisticated technologies, including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, we process and verify check and ACH transactions more seamlessly than other methods. Our payment authorization platform adds a powerful security barrier, enabling businesses to accept or deliver payments knowing they’re protected.

With Certegy minimizing loss on the backend, companies can better focus their efforts on driving sales and accelerating profitability.

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At Certegy, we are in a constant battle with financial risk. We strive to help businesses and consumers more confidently engage in commerce.

Enhancing everyday payments in every way.

Our low-risk solutions do more than secure your transactions. They improve and digitize the entire payment experience.

Using our ACH and check technology across any channel, you can reach customers how and where they prefer to pay. Each transaction is processed as quickly and easily as a card payment, but at a lower cost.

With frictionless options for everyday payments, any sale is possible. More sales are inevitable.

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