Certegy for Apparel & Luxury Goods

A multi-decade veteran in the apparel and luxury goods payments space, Certegy understands the unique challenges and requirements of operating a successful retail business.

That’s why many of the industry’s most recognizable brands trust Certegy as a partner in payment processing. Leveraging our proprietary risk and fraud mitigation engine, Certegy can help you reduce risk and uncertainty, while increasing your bottom-line.

Risk mitigation you can depend on.

Although fraud prevention is necessary across all industries, it is even more critical when it comes to high ticket items and easily resalable goods. With the recent growth in card-not-present transactions, the opportunity for fraudsters has never been higher. Recognizing this, Certegy offers a diverse suite of products specifically calibrated to provide protection at every point in the payment process.

Eliminate chargebacks today.

Built on the ACH network, Certegy’s products are not subject to the costly chargebacks that often plague the apparel and luxury goods industry.

A premium customer experience.

Certegy’s apparel and luxury goods solutions are designed with the customer in mind, ensuring you don’t lose legitimate sales to a cumbersome payment experience.

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60M+ Bank Accounts

Every transaction is screened against Certegy’s extensive consumer database and evaluated utilizing best-in-class verification tools.

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100% Reimbursement

When you choose our Warranty Program, we absorb losses from any unauthorized transactions that get approved.

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