Protect your business and facilitate hassle-free check cashing

Certegy’s Positive Pay program enables quick approval for checks on record while preventing fraud.

We use information provided by check issuers to validate checks upon presentment at retailers throughout the US. Positive Pay protects check issuers from fraud and allows consumers hassle-free access to funds through a fast, frictionless check cashing experience.

Select from Two Options

Batch Files

Send batch files throughout the day; Certegy maintains the information in-house

Real-time Files

Send real-time files when Certegy calls out to your system for approval; you maintain the data within your system

How it works:

The customer presents a payroll, tax or government check at one of Certegy’s check cashing merchants.
The cashier enters the check and identification details at the POS.
If the details match your records, Certegy sends an approval recommendation. If not, we send a decline recommendation.
If approved, cash is disbursed immediately.
A close-up of a blue electronic machine. Check Cashing

Benefits for you

• Reduce payroll and tax check fraud

• Proven success with high-volume check issuers

• 99% Positive Pay approval rate

• Cash with confidence

• Simple to implement and maintain

• Benefit from our extensive network

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