Although the Automated Clearing House (ACH) is commonly known for direct deposits, it’s carving out an increasingly larger slice of the consumer-facing retail space. Online purchases, car payments, utility bills — more and more people look to ACH to complete transactions.

In 2021 alone, $73 trillion moved through the ACH network, which was a 17.4% increase relative to 2020.1 This upward trajectory is poised to continue, especially considering experts predict Buy Now, Pay Later to grow by 300% from 2020 to 2030.2

As the world of payment transforms to meet the growing demand for alternative methods, proactive businesses should integrate solutions like ACH into their existing platform as an additional form of payment to achieve revenue goals and stay competitive.

Let’s explore the various industries that utilize ACH and how they benefit from this payment solution.

What Types of Businesses Use ACH?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can leverage ACH to bolster their payment model — facilitating transactions, funding accounts, billing customers, etc.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of industries that regularly use the ACH network:

  • Dealerships can leverage ACH for Buy Now, Pay Later to spread out car payments as well as vehicle repairs.
  • Health & Wellness. Ease of use is paramount in a complex and sensitive sector like healthcare. Integrating ACH with white label functionality into patient portals gives patients a straightforward and trustworthy payment option.
  • ACH helps casinos, iGaming providers and sports betting platforms not only expedite fund deposits and withdrawals but also mitigate risks of fraudulent activity.
  • Whether it’s an eCommerce brand streamlining the checkout process or a home improvement store providing point-of-sale flexibility, many retailers look to ACH to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Banks and credit unions have relied on the dependability and security of ACH payments for decades, enabling transactions and transfers for everyday life needs.
  • From hotels and resorts to international cruise lines, companies within the hospitality industry can accommodate the payment needs of every guest by offering ACH as a form of payment.

How Businesses Benefit from ACH Payment Integration

Beyond satisfying consumer demand for alternative payment methods, businesses can benefit from integrating ACH capabilities into their infrastructure in multiple ways.

1. Save money for business reinvestment

You’ll never hear a successful business say costs don’t matter. And although credit cards are convenient, that convenience comes at a price — especially at scale.

Interchange fees, which can be as high as 3.25%, can quickly compound into an unnecessary financial burden.3 Comparatively, ACH is up to 75% cheaper than credit.

As a result, fees don’t eat into your transaction volume, allowing you to reinvest cost savings and grow your business.

2. Seamless integration + Payment flexibility = Higher conversion

A recent report determined that 85% of executives view smooth online transactions as a necessity for survival in today’s digital age.4 That’s because friction during the payment process can frustrate consumers and potentially cause them to second guess their purchase.

ACH can seamlessly integrate into your existing software, so it’s just as easy for consumers to transact with their bank account as it is with their credit card. And thanks to Certegy’s white label ACH and Buy Now, Pay Later solutions, your customer’s buying experience remains smooth, on-site and branded — which can help maximize conversion rates.

3. Take advantage of the Buy Now, Pay Later trend

You’d be hard-pressed to find a faster-growing payment option than Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), which gives consumers the ability to divide purchases into installments. Consumers appreciate this interest-free payment option, as it not only alleviates the upfront cost of an individual purchase but also enables them to extend their budgets.

On the merchant’s side, this can lead to higher customer satisfaction and average order value (AOV). For instance, one report found that retailers experienced a 45% increase in AOV after incorporating BNPL as a payment option.5

4. Appeal to debt-avoidant consumers and capture new sales

Consumers are shying away from debt for a variety of reasons. Over the last few years, many households tightened up their spending habits and limited their usage of high-interest products like credit cards. Moreover, credit card issuers lowered the credit limits of approximately one in every five Americans, prompting many individuals to rely more on cash than plastic.6

ACH gives consumers the choice to avoid debt and cover expenses directly via their bank accounts. From the merchant’s perspective, businesses can capture additional sales that would’ve otherwise balked at using a credit card.

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