As Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions grow in popularity, leading brands are assessing the range of BNPL providers. One critical factor to consider is how a BNPL solution can impact your consumer’s experience.

When implemented properly, a BNPL solution should drive sales, foster a favorable brand perception and increase conversions. On the flip side, a subpar BNPL experience can erode brand loyalty and leave a trail of abandoned carts in its wake. In 2018, consumers abandoned $34 billion worth of merchandise in online shopping carts — in large part due to frustration and friction with the transaction process.

It’s important to select a BNPL provider that prioritizes — and protects — your consumer relationships. You understand what’s most important to your brand and your consumers, so we designed our unique white label BNPL experience with that in mind.

3 reasons to consider a white label BPNL solution

A white label BNPL solution allows you to use your own branding throughout the checkout process. You should consider a white label BNPL solution if you’re looking for more flexibility and control over the consumer buying experience.

We identified three compelling reasons you should consider a white label BNPL solution:

1. Retain ownership of the consumer journey

With many BNPL providers, you lose control of your consumer’s experience at checkout. Consumers are routinely redirected to an external site to create an account before being sent back to your site to complete their purchase. The process can be tedious and gives third party branded BNPL providers the opportunity to market directly to those consumers, often with the goal of acquiring them into a shopping directory or marketplace of competing merchants. Some branded BNPL providers even promote their own loyalty programs at the expense of yours. The end result is relinquishing control over your consumer journeys and risking damage to your brand loyalty.

With Certegy’s white label BNPL solution, there are no shopping directories, competing brands or redirects to other websites.

2. Offer consumers a flexible way to pay over time

Offering consumers the option to pay in installments over time and under your brand name ensures they associate your business with convenience and flexibility. That positive association can lead to increases in loyalty.

3. Implement a branded solution quickly at a lower cost

Certegy’s white label solution enables you to offer a branded solution without the high fees for implementation and integration, saving you time and resources. Our customers can leverage APIs and developer tools quickly and have access to top-notch technical support from our team of experts.

With Certegy as your white label BNPL partner, we never get in the way of your consumer experience. Your consumers enjoy a fast, frictionless checkout and you enjoy lower costs, less risk, increased transaction sizes and higher average order values, or more frequent sales with higher conversion.

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