At Certegy, we’re committed to enabling low-risk, low-cost transactions between consumers and businesses. Identifying and partnering with the right technology providers is a critical part of delivering on this initiative; we work hard to invest in the best technology to protect our merchants against risk and fraud. 

We recently teamed up with Oracle — a global leader in cloud technology — to study several cutting-edge solutions. Our goal is to generate more accurate, real-time statistical model scoring to predict and prevent fraud.  

The first step was to create a single repository of 850 million records, unifying and simplifying data from more than 15 authorization systems. By using the Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Data Warehouse, we can now apply machine learning and spatial analysis to better track check-cashing behavior that mitigates risk and prevents fraud in real time. 

The end result? We’re now positioned to cut fraud by an estimated 10% or more and improve the customer experience by reducing declined transactions — helping businesses and consumers more confidently engage in commerce. 

More details about how Certegy fights payment fraud with Oracle Cloud are available in their latest case study.